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Meet the Flock, part 4 June 6, 2007

Posted by Laura in Farm, Uncategorized.

Back in late February, we received a batch of day-old chicks. One of them is a Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben pullet (what a pedigree!). Joe has named her “Wilson!” after a notable “character” in the movie Castaway. Striking resemblance, isn’t there?





1. amazinggrazefarm - June 6, 2007

A very striking resemblance. What a name!!! I don’t even know if I could remember it. =)

2. Julia - June 7, 2007

I haven’t commented here before, but I really admire your blog and the lovely pictures of your life. Thank you for sharing them.
I just had to delurk (what a name! sounds so sneaky) to tell you that is one of the funniest pictures I think I’ve ever seen! LOL!
I’m still wiping the spray from my keyboard. A million thanks! 🙂
And I wish you well with your turkey adventure.

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