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We have a bear! June 2, 2007

Posted by Joe in Family, Scouts.

We have a bear…scout, that is. A few weeks ago, our Cub Scout pack held its cross-over ceremony. For those unfamiliar with Scouting, a first grader enters as a Tiger Scout; in the second grade he becomes and Wolf Scout, and as a third grader he is promoted to the level of Bear Scout.

You may recall from last year’s crossover, that during the crossover ceremony the patch is pinned on up side down and must remain that way until the boy performs a good deed as defined by his mother. Then she will turn the patch right side up and sew it on his uniform.

Although Benjamin entered at the conclusion of his Kindergarten year, a boy may join the Cub Scouts at the appropriate level without having to start as a Tiger. This is still a point of confusion to Benjamin. He sometimes wonders if I would re-join as a Webelo since that’s the level at which I drifted away from Scouting in my youth.

There is considerable overlap in the curriculum for Tigers, Wolves, and Bears to accommodate the boys who may join while in second or third grades. However, each level adds a bit of age-appropriate activities and responsibilities to keep it fresh.

For example, once a Bear Scout has completed a safety course in handling a knife, he earns his Whittling Chip card granting him the privilege of carrying a pocket knife at official Scout functions.

Benjamin also received a trophy for having the best looking pine wood derby racer.

Benjamin’s cross-over to Bear Scout happened around the same time as his Birthday. Laura and I talked it over and decided that he is mature enough and responsible enough to own his own BB Gun. So that’s what he received for his eighth birthday – his very own Red Rider BB Gun. (I know, I know “you’ll shoot your eye out”).

Until this point, he’s been practicing with the Red Rider that Paw-Paw owned as a boy. For a gun that’s over 50 years old, it’s still in amazing shape and still propels BB’s a good 20 to 30 feet. Now, Benjamin can shoot his own BB Gun.



1. amazinggrazefarm - June 4, 2007

What a happy countenance your son has. Great pictures.

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