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Lydia’s Dedication April 3, 2007

Posted by Laura in Faith, Family.

We have been blessed in so many ways since moving to our beautiful slice of creation here in Cheatham County, Tennessee. One of the greatest blessings has been our church around the corner. We have been so loved by these folks and we have grown spiritually under the guidance of a terrific pastor who boldly preaches from the Bible.


This past Sunday, we dedicated our baby daughter to God before our entire church family, with my mother and one of my sisters standing as witnesses.

My mom made this beautiful (soon to be heirloom) dress and monogrammed slip for the occasion. Her talent is amazing! Photos can’t capture the intricate detail and hand-beadwork on the front. It is simply lovely!


(Here is a close-up of the front of the slip).



(The top of the dress is smocked with tiny pearl beads sewn on.  There is lace at the collar,  cuffs, and scalloped hem.  Mom sewed pintucks onto the shoulders and embellished them with French knots.  I can’t imagine how much time she spent lovingly making this dress for Lydia).

Lydia has been going to the church nursery for a few weeks now. At present, she is the only baby on the infant side, so she gets lots of extra love and attention. But she won’t take a bottle. 😦 I send one with milk I pump before we leave, but the ladies working in the nursery come find me when she refuses it and then I nurse her.

This past Sunday, knowing that the dedication would be close to the end of the service, I held off putting her dress on her. I wanted to keep it as clean and unwrinkled as I could before we went up to the pulpit. I dressed her in a hurry as the sermon ended, dearly hoping that she hadn’t grown too big to fit in it since Grams had started making the dress.


(Check out the “Alfalfa” hairdo- on the baby, I mean 🙂 ).

As it turns out, Lydia waited until it was time for us to go forward to decide she was hungry. She simultaneously felt the call of nature and was squirming to relieve herself. When Brother Mike held out his arms to take her, she had about reached the end of her patience. Joe and I held our breath, waiting for the unmistakable sound of her filling her diaper (recorded on his lapel microphone so all could hear), while watching her turn her head and mouth his chest. I believe that was the fastest blessing Brother Mike has ever prayed over a child!


(Grams holds a now-contented Lydia after the service. It’s amazing what a full tummy does for one’s disposition! You can see by Lydia’s extra chin and generous cheeks that she is not one to miss a meal).



1. Grams - April 3, 2007

It was a LOVELY day!
We are blessed to have Lydia join our family as well as God’s family.

2. Laurie - April 4, 2007

Child of God indeed. How beautiful! The days my girls were dedicated at church were such wonderful days. These pictures bring back such happy thoughts for me.

God bless you all!!

3. amazinggrazefarm - April 4, 2007

What a beautiful treasure that dress is. Oh, the love that went into every detail. It is wonderful.

I loved the quick blessing part. It is amazing what a baby wanting to nurse will do to a man. =) Hee hee hee.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. She has quite the cheeks in that last picture. Just made for kissin’!!!

4. Patty - April 4, 2007

How beautiful the dress is and the sweet blessing wearing it. Treasure each moment with your wee one, they grow so fast !

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