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Lydia: The First Six Weeks February 24, 2007

Posted by Laura in Family.


We saw this face (sleeping) most of the first two weeks.  Then, one day she seemed to just “wake up.”  Maybe it has to do with gestation- once she had passed her due date, she slept noticeably less.


(You can just about hear the wail, even without audio.  Almost makes you feel like you’re here, doesn’t it?).

This has been the face we have seen more recently.  Lydia got a cold a couple of weeks ago and became very stuffed up.  She didn’t sleep well, so of course, neither did Mommy.  She also has realized that she would much rather be held than put in her swing or crib.   It has dawned on her that if she does this, someone usually picks her up.


She is pretty patient with diaper changes and baths.  She even seems to enjoy the soak in the tub, though you wouldn’t guess from her expression.


Here is her audience, ever ready to help and encourage her.


Lydia (in fashionable bunny slippers) gives Uncle Chris the “thumbs up.”

This shot followed a discussion about taking her temperature, I think.  🙂


We recently made the trip to Montgomery so the rest of the family could meet Lydia.  Here, she and Rachel are with their cousin Sarah Elizabeth.

Lydia is growing well and making the adjustment to having a newborn again has not been as difficult as we expected.  We hardly missed a beat in homeschooling or in farmlife (new chicks arrived yesterday), though we can’t claim to have a neat, orderly, or clean house.  I think we’d gladly have another “wee one” soon if that is what God has in mind.  We’ll see.



1. Marci - February 26, 2007

What absolutely ADORABLE pictures. I LOVE the one of her crying. It is truly a classis. Whenever I see a baby (or hear one) crying, I always think they need Aunt Marci!!!! Thanks for showing her and your other children off. I truly enjoyed the pictures.

2. Amy - April 2, 2007

OK. This is just too strange. We had a baby girl born on February 6th, named Faith, and she has the same highchair, folding bathtub and adorable bunny slippers! Of course, all those things formerly belonged to her sister two and a half years ago.

Great pictures! I love the one of her crying and the one of her looking cross-eyed. It’s those real life kind of pictures that you will really cherish as she gets older.

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