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Betsy’s Hideout February 22, 2007

Posted by Laura in Farm.

About a month back, the turkeys started acting a bit strange.  Betsy and Martha started looking for beaus.  Not knowing any nice toms, they both decided on Percy.  He wasn’t interested.  That did not deter them from wanting to start a family, though.


(Betsy in the foreground with Martha keeping her company).

A few days ago, the turkeys began to be hard to find.  Only sometimes did they showed up for meals and did not always go to the henhouse to sleep at night.  We were concerned that they would join a flock of wild turkeys, (as a friend had warned could happen), and then we would truly be starting our flock all over.

Two days ago, Betsy stopped coming around at all.  Worried about her fate, I went searching on our property for her.  Lo and behold, I found her.


(Betsy must have heard Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction that spring was almost here).

As I approached, she hunkered down further, hoping I couldn’t see her, but she forgot that she has no natural camouflage for hiding in the leaves.  (She would have a shot at blending in to a snow bank, but unfortunately for her, we don’t have that much snow). 

Having been hatched and raised on our farm, Betsy and Martha are usually both quite comfortable with us and easy-going.  But, the protective instincts of a female who intends to be a mother changes things. 

The closer I got, the more unhappy she got.  She fluffed herself up and hissed at me, warning me to stay away from her makeshift nest.


Poor Betsy-  she may have had a big pile of eggs, but they weren’t fertile.  It was going to be a long wait if she thought she was going to hatch babies from them.

(For their own safety, we put both turkeys into a chicken tractor so they would not fall victim to a predator).



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