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The albino deer February 7, 2007

Posted by Joe in Uncategorized.

Now that deer season is over, I saw 12 deer in the field near our house, including the albino deer!

The picture is extremely poor quality, but you can make out a normal deer on the left and the albino deer on the right. The picture was taken at approximately 200 yards and cropped & enlarged to narrow the field. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to sneak up on the white beast and show you a better picture soon.



1. Laurie - February 7, 2007

That is so neat!!

2. Marci - February 7, 2007

I am so glad that your hand was not hurt more seriously than it was. A good lesson for your son as well.

We have a deer farm about 13 miles from us. They have about 6 albino deer. So maybe your white fellow (or girl) will have offspring that are white as well.

3. Grams - February 11, 2007

Love the white deer.
Glad the hand is healing!
Need more pix of Baby Lydia.
Luv, Grams

4. troy Hawkins - February 26, 2007

Thank you for the picture. My father was killed in a head on collision on February 7 of this year. I’ve have a reoccuring dream of an albino buck leading me down a path to safety. When I was 11 or 12 I was out deer hunting with my father when we stopped and watch an albino 3 point walk within 20 yards of us. My dad cried when it was over. He was so excited and made me promise not to say a word to the rest of our hunting party. It had been our secret and one I had forgotten about until his death 2 weeks ago. Thank you for a glimpse into the magic and mystery of this animal and my fathers tragic death.

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