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SuperBowl Sunday and a trip to the ER February 6, 2007

Posted by Joe in Family, Scouts.

Benjamin absolutely loves Cub Scouts. The Scouting activities prompt us to be intentional about spending time together, doing quality things. We have fun, but it also teaches Benjamin sound values and important life skills. Rachel, who is not old enough yet to join the Girl Scouts, frequently accompanies us to the Scout meetings and has a ball, too. I’ve posted more than one blog entry on these activities.

Sunday afternoon during the interval between worshiping our Lord in His house and the SuperBowl game, we were once again spending time as a family. While Laura and Lydia had some time together, Benjamin, Rachel, and I began carving his Pinewood Derby car.

When it’s time to pick a design for the vehicle, I have Benjamin go to his collection of little Matchbox cars and pick the one that he likes best that day. We then try to recreate it in a 3 inch by 7 inch block of pine. This year he chose a 1940 Ford pickup truck. He apparently thinks quite highly of my skills; this was not going to be easy.

As we began slowly removing the excess wood to release the old model Ford from its confines inside the block, we talked about what we were doing and the tools we were using. Specifically, we talked about how sharp wood chisels are and why his part in the carving would be limited to using his pocket knife and sandpaper.

Unfortunately one thing we didn’t talk enough about was safety. As I was working on the front wheel wells, the block of wood slipped and the wood chisel connected with my left hand at the first knuckle on my index finger (where my finger attaches to my hand).

I immediately knew that this was not something a little band-aid was going to cure, so we quickly loaded up the family in the Mommy-Van and headed to St. Thomas’ Emergency Room. Once there, I had Laura drop me off; a germ-filled ER is no place for a month-old infant during the flu season. They were able to see me very quickly.

As each of the medical personnel (triage nurse, vital signs nurse, etc) saw me, they, of course, asked how the accident happened and I gave each an abbreviated version of the story. I was trying to keep myself distracted by trying to make them laugh during the story. One nurse even asked if I had earned my first-aid badge that day. 🙂

After several shots to numb the area, 5 stitches, and a tetanus shot to prevent other illnesses, I was on my way back home. We made it back almost in time for the SuperBowl.

I was very, very lucky. Despite the location of the injury,
no nerves were severed and there is no indication of ligament or tendon
damage. Again, this really amazes me considering the location of the

On the way home, we discussed how this silly injury could have been avoided. I also underscored in the kid’s minds that this was not their fault, that there was no way they caused it and no way they could have prevented it. (We had already had this discussion during the ride to the hospital, but I wanted to make very sure they understood this. Just before the accident happened, I had asked the kids to stop bouncing around so much because I was working with a very sharp tool. A minute later I cut myself. On the way to hospital, Benjamin remarked that he and Rachel shouldn’t have been bouncing around so much. Poor kid.  I needed to make sure he didn’t blame himself. He doesn’t, but wishes it didn’t happen.)

This was not the way I wanted to spend that Sunday afternoon. But I am thankful and feel very blessed that the injury was far less traumatic than it could have been.

In Cub Scouts, most everything can be a teachable moment – not only for the Scout and his little sister, but in this case for the father of the Scout, too.



1. Becky - February 6, 2007

While exciting, this episode is nothing compared with your conflict with a stalk of corn when you were about 8 years old. That also ended up with a visit to the ER and Granny would have been on the floor if J hadn’t caught her.

Corn Stalk – 1

Joey – 0

All in all, Super Bowl Sunday sounded painful. At least you do use things like this as a teaching tool. Nothing teaches a child a well as showing them what not to do.

I love you, Mom

2. Joe - February 6, 2007

>>Nothing teaches a child a well as showing them what not to do.

Well, unfortunately for me, I seem to give the kids far too many teachable moments. 🙂 At least they’ll grow up knowing what not to do.

I told them that the doctor had said that tickling would be a good way to get my hand back into shape after the stitches are out. At first they screamed and started to run. Then they realized that I couldn’t retaliate very well so they ganged up and started tickling me. Smart kids.

3. jipmeister - February 6, 2007

Pictures????? Come on I shared pictures of the time I cut my hand there – both times…my brother shared pictures when he caught that sheet of tin with his knee…we have pictures of the time my brother’s knee bumped the chainsaw…and the time my dad’s knee bumped the chainsaw…and the time my brother slid his foot under the lawnmower…and the time my brother put his hand under the lawnmower…and the time my dad put his arm in the hay bailer…. we even have a picture of the hat my brother accidentally shot off my dad’s head……I come from a family with a long history of getting into some of the goriest accidents and taking pictures of the outcome…come on I can take it!!!! We enjoy watching all the surgeries and trauma stuff on Discovery channel!!!

When you look at it like that …sheesh….kinda makes my family scarey in an entirely different way heheheheheehe 🙂

seriously…. a picture? 🙂

4. chickenmama - February 6, 2007


Oh yeah, this from a lady AFRAID to read a woman’s blog about her labor and delivery fearing it would have pictures!! (Remember how you tried to get me to blog during labor but stressed that I absolutely, positively must NOT post any pictures taken until everyone is bundled up in blankets again?!). You are a study in contrasts!

Actually, I kinda wish I’d at least taken a picture of Joe’s ashen face as he leaned over the sink clutching a towel around his hand. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen that expression before. No wait- come to think of it, I have- BOTH times he’s changed a diaper! 🙂

5. jipmeister - February 7, 2007

ya know I did realize that it was kind of odd but ya know…what can I say 🙂

HEY I remember that ashen face when I cut my knuckle and almost sliced my tendon through…my brother (the lawnmower boy) had that same look when I showed him!! LOL

btw…I knew that joe would put a picture up…he’s a man…I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist!!! LOL

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