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Not a snaggle tooth February 5, 2007

Posted by Joe in Family.

In many ways, Benjamin is much like me at his age. He was born a rather chunky kid but his growth in height has far out paced his gain in weight so he has become a rather lean kid. There are many other similarities as well.

Unfortunately he seems to have gotten one trait from me that I’d rather him avoided. Like his old man, Benjamin’s permanent teeth do not seem to be able dislodge his baby teeth very well. His front permanent teeth are coming in behind his baby teeth, giving him, at least for a while, two rows of teeth. We call them his shark teeth.

Saturday at Grams and BePops house, however, he lost a bit of his resemblance to the most feared predator of the deep. I pulled one of his front baby teeth; it was the third tooth he’s lost.

Since he already had a replacement behind the baby tooth, he doesn’t have a snaggle tooth smile.



1. Sheryl - March 8, 2007

I remember what a pudge Benjamin was!!! He was so cute. In one baby picture he was wearing a turtleneck shirt but also had a pudge turtleneck above the shirt. It got more pronounced when he would smile or laugh with his mouth open.

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