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They grow up fast, don’t they? January 18, 2007

Posted by Joe in Family.

Lydia turned 9 days old today. It seems like only yesterday since we brought her home from the hospital. For us, that’s more than just a figure of speech. The days have somewhat blurred together (as have the nights) since we brought the youngest member of the Webb family into our home. So in that sense, it truly does seem like one long day. 🙂

A very big thanks to Beck for spending the first several days with us, allowing us to get much more sleep than we otherwise would have been afforded. We also got several other projects around the home completed, too. She’s tireless.

Lydia’s doing absolutely great and, despite our interrupted sleep and the loss of a certain amount of spontaneity in our daily lives, it’s been wonderful having her a part of our family.

Laura is doing amazingly well, too. It simply astounds me that a woman can go with so little sleep for weeks on end and then somehow summon the strength to push through the delivery; not to mention having the strength to crush her husband’s hand as he whispers encouraging words through clenched teeth to her during the delivery. And then to top it all off, she can get up and walk around and take care of a newborn the very next day. And all that without so much as an Asprin or strip of old leather to chew on to dull the pain. Amazing. (Thanks, Anthony, for the reminder that real homesteaders would have used the leather).  🙂

By the way, I had the pleasure of cutting the umbilical cord with Lydia. I’m glad that Laura’s mind was elsewhere. She was planning to unleash a blood-curdling scream at the exact moment I snipped the cord. I wonder if they would have charged me for the smelling salts due to her little ‘joke’.

Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
~ Psalm 127:3



1. Keith Bradshaw - January 19, 2007

Congratulations, and welcome, baby Lydia!

Blessings abound,
Mary Susan

2. Lynn - January 23, 2007

Congratulations on the birth of your new little one! She sure is cute!

3. Grams - January 29, 2007

Beautiful ending!
We are SO glad you are here, Lydia.
Much luv,

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