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Introducing Baby Lydia January 12, 2007

Posted by Laura in Family.

After months of waiting, we are delighted to introduce Lydia Grace Webb.



This had been an eventful pregnancy that had led us to believe that Lydia would follow the leading of her siblings and make an early appearance. We felt sure that we would have our new addition by, at the latest, Christmas, despite my January 19th due date. My body was showing its usual signs that we’d never make it to “term”.

But the days ticked by. Christmas came and went. New Year’s Eve rolled around and this busy baby seemed to be doing major renovations in her claustrophobic space. As we watched our tax credit fly out the window and our huge medical deductible roll over, all we could do was laugh at how she seemed to be settling in for a long stay. It appeared to us, as we watched my belly roll and shift, that she must be putting up mirrors to make the place seem roomier and doing some redecorating. (“This liver really would look better over there. Maybe we can work with these kidneys, but this appendix has got to go- I don’t even know what it does!”).

More days passed. I had several days when contractions went on for 10 or more hours and then suddenly stopped. I had to keep OB check-ups I never dreamed would be necessary. I was growing more and more enormous. Finally, to my astonishment, we began to talk about INDUCING labor- this after having only premature babies!

On Tuesday morning at 2:15, my water broke. We made our calls to let my mother-in-law know (we’d been under strict instructions to let her know in PLENTY of time for her to get here from AL for the birth) and to ask our dear friend Carol to come over (so we didn’t have to wake and take the kids). Then we hopped in the car and went straight to the hospital.


A mere 3 ½ hours after my water broke (and another “natural childbirth”), we were holding our fourth child in our arms. It was a new experience for us to have a baby that was so healthy- they actually let us hold and nurse this one instead of whisking her away to the NICU!! It was so wonderful! We were discharged together today and are so glad to be home.



(Benjamin and Rachel are so proud and have held and rocked her over and over. We are sure that Daniel, our third child, is smiling down from heaven also).

Despite the early notification and brisk rate of speed, unfortunately 3 ½ hours was not enough time to get Becky to the hospital in Nashville from Wetumpka. I can’t truthfully say I tried really hard to slow down my labor to wait for her- sorry Becky, I was in some pain- but I think she has forgiven me. She is staying the rest of the week to take care of us all.

After all the fuss and concern during this pregnancy that ended picture perfect, I have been reminded that God does not need my worry or even my planning- He had it all in control the whole time and obviously knew what He was doing. If we are blessed with a “next pregnancy,” I believe I will have a much easier time keeping in mind that all I’m doing is assisting God in a miracle- a rare privilege- and I’ll be more content to trustingly watch Him at work rather than try to anticipate things that may go awry.


Lydia Grace Webb

Born at 5:45 a.m. on January 9, 2007

8 lbs, 15 oz.

21 inches long

auntbrendalydia1-09-07.JPG auntsheryllydia1-09-07.JPG gramslydia1-09-07.JPG bepopslydia1-09-07.JPG becklydia1-09-07.JPG carollydia1-09-07.JPG  (Aunt Brenda, Aunt Sheryl, Grams, BePops, “Beck”, and our dear friend Carol were all quick to come meet the newest Webb the day she was born).

P.S. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all our wonderful family and friends who have faithfully prayed for us and helped us however they could. Many have already been to visit and/or have brought gifts to welcome Lydia. We are so grateful to be so loved. Thank you.



1. Laurie - January 12, 2007

Oh, she is just so beautiful! Precious little thing. Congratulations! God bless you, little Lydia! Welcome to the world!!

2. Patti - January 13, 2007

Beautiful baby! Beautiful family!!! May the Lord continue to richly bless you!!

3. Emily - January 14, 2007

Welcome Lydia! A lovely name for a sweet rosy-cheeked baby girl. Congratulations and God’s blessings to you all!

4. tnfullquiver - January 15, 2007

Congratulations!!! She is so beautiful. What a perfect addition to your family. God knows just what we need just WHEN we need it! Thanks for sharing her pictures with us all.

grace and peace,

5. Linda - January 18, 2007

Ohhhh – I’d forgotten how wonderful bringing a precious life into the world is… He does all things well! Beautiful – thanks so much for sharing from your heart

6. Marci - January 29, 2007

What a precious blessing from the Lord. Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!!

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