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Game time January 4, 2007

Posted by Joe in Family.

We play a lot of games around our house. Benjamin loves to play chess and Rachel loves Pretty, Pretty Princess. We also play Outburst, Battleship, and other classics.

But we don’t limit ourselves to board games; we play games with more a physical component, too. Sometimes we play Get Your Socks. It’s a game where you wrestle around on the floor trying to take off the other players’ socks. The one who collects the most socks wins.

Some of the best games, however, are games that we make up on the spur of the moment, ones that have never been played before.

Tonight we had one of those games. Laura bought the kids a Marble Race game. It’s a semi-educational game where you design a track for a marble to race down. You put together shoots, loops, curves, and the like to create a three-dimensional course for the marble to race through.

But we couldn’t leave it a just that. We decided to build a track that had multiple vortexes in it and then run multiple marbles simultaneously to see which marble finished first.

Before long, we each choose a colored marble and raced them down the track. To make it interesting the one who came in last got tickled.

Here are the kids anxiously awaiting the start of the race.

Apparently the louder you cheer for your marble, the faster it goes.


Uh-oh! My marble came in last!

Run until they catch you!

Then suffer the consequences of your last place finish!

Whew!! That’s a tough game if you come in last a couple of times in a row.



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