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Cat fishing December 17, 2006

Posted by Joe in Family, Farm.

Right now, it’s rather pleasant outside. It’d say the temperature is in the low forties. But a couple of weeks ago it got cold! For two or three nights in a row, the temperatures dipped down into the low teens, around 13 each night! That’s pretty cold for these parts.

Our animals fared well during the cold, though a couple of the rosters in the chicken tractors appear to have a bit of frost bite on their combs.

Some animals even enjoyed the cold spell. The ponds had frozen over and Patch and Coco decided to go exploring. We watched as they tentatively walked out on the ice. We tried to stop them, but to no avail; you know what they say about a cat’s curiosity.

Soon, since the ice was relatively clear they spotted fish beneath them. With only a thin, transparent, piece of ice between the predator and the prey, the cats decided they could have fish for breakfast. They chased the fish all over the ponds, slipping and sliding at every turn the fish made.

It was all fun and games (or maybe it was extremely frustrating – it’s hard to read a cat’s expression), until one of the cats got too close to an air pocket near the edge of the pond and broke through. A wet cat has no sense of humor. So that was the end of the cat fishing.

As a consolation prize, however, the kids found a frozen bream along the pond’s bank. We offered it the cats and they seemed to enjoy their fishcicle.



1. Linda - December 21, 2006

This was so funny – and something that would ahve happened on our ‘farm’ and I would have loved it. Great pictures.. wonderful cats!

Merry Christmas to you and yours

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