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Target Practice November 25, 2006

Posted by Joe in Family.


While Uncles was home for the Thanksgiving holiday, we got together for a little target practice. We had a great time.


Benjamin, who has learned gun safety and how to shoot BB guns from me and at Cub Scout Resident Camp, got to shoot his first real gun, the .22 rifle that I learned to shoot with when I was a kid.


He also to got shoot Uncle Chris’ 9mm pistol.


The picture was posed after the fact; I actually helped a bit to dampen the recoil.

All in all, a lot of fun.



1. jipmeister - November 25, 2006

I remember being not much older than Benjamin when I begged my dad to take me hunting with him and the boys (my brothers). I made so much noise in the tree stand brushing the leaves and dirt and stuff off that they all got very annoyed with me so I just curled up and went to sleep. Dad let me shoot his shotgun that day too – even with him standing behind me it knocked me back into him and I slid down his leg and STILL busted my tail!! LOL
I wanted to shoot his cross bow yesterday but we got busy and forgot to do it …I’ve never shot one of those 😦

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