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It’s my birthday and I’ll squeal if I want to November 20, 2006

Posted by Joe in Family.

Rachel’s birthday was a few days ago. We celebrated it after dinner since I was a bit late getting back from a business trip to Seattle, hence the pajamas in the pictures.

The anticipation of cake! The build up of excitment! You can see it in Rachel’s eyes. It was almost more than any 5 year old could bear. Fortunately the Happy Birthday song isn’t too long.


Finally, the moment came – blow out the candles!


And then, she had to immediately liberate the gifts from that oh-so-restrictive wrapping paper.


Ahh……a job well done.




1. Becky - November 20, 2006

Is that a little bit of chocolate on her cheeks in the picture where she is holding the Fisher-Price Dining Room? What a shame to have good chocolate go to waste. It looks good enough to kiss off those sweet cheeks.

2. Joe - November 20, 2006

Yes….Rachel believes in thoroughly enjoying her desserts.

3. Kevin Kline - December 12, 2006

Glad you made it back in time, Joe. There weren’t nuthin’ you needed to be in Seattle for anyway that was nearly as important as this. :^)


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