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The fairest little town on the plains November 9, 2006

Posted by Joe in Family.

Auburn University holds a very special place in my heart; I spent a number of years there as a student, probably more than my fair share of years if we’re being completely honest. It’s also where I met the beautiful young woman that eventually became my wife and the mother of my children. So it’s no wonder I look back fondly. I had a great time while there.

The Flags of Auburn

It’s been far too long since I’ve been back, probably 10 years or more. So I was really excited when I had an opportunity to return to Auburn this past weekend. The kids and I made the trip on Thursday evening, spending the night with my mother about an hour outside of Auburn that night. I completed the journey on Friday morning.

I had meetings with the School of Business that consumed the majority of the day on Friday. But the highlight of the day by far was getting to catch up and even spend the night with a nearly long lost friend of my youth.

Friends since 8th grade, I haven’t seen Anthony since we both graduated from the MBA program back in 1991 – gosh some 15 years ago. When we got back together, though, it was like we’d never missed a step. Sure, time continues on – he’s happily married now and the father of four great kids – but the best friendships adjust and persevere over time.

I was able to get tickets to the Auburn football game on Saturday so Benjamin and Rachel were treated to their first college football experience. They loved it!

Before the game we walked around campus, stopping to tailgate at the School of Business for a little while. Here they are in front of Haley Center – Rachel has her orange and blue bling and Benjamin’s already grown a Tiger tail.

Haley Center

We made sure to make it to the stadium in time to see the eagle fly. Before each home game, the War Eagle of Auburn, named Tiger no less, flies from the upper deck to mid-field. It flew right in front of us before landing.

The Eagle has landed

We watched the game; Auburn won 27-0, so the outcome was never in doubt.




After the game, we headed towards an old Auburn tradition after a home victory – rolling Toomer’s Corner. We bought a few rolls to toss up in the air. When Rachel unwrapped the paper packaging off her roll, she asked “What do I do with this?” Beck answered “Just through it on the ground.” To which Rachel looked at me inquisitively and said “Really?” I explained it to her, she smiled, and she took her first small step in rolling the corner.

Benjamin loved tossing the rolls in the air.


Rachel opted for a more methodical approach.


Earlier in the day, Benjamin wanted an Auburn football from a vendor in the stadium. I told him we’d look for one elsewhere because those were fairly expensive and we’d just have to carry it around all day. He agreed.

When we reached Toomer’s Corner later, dozens of kids and adults alike were tossing footballs around. And we didn’t have one. Benjamin was disappointed to be sidelined during this time of fun. He got over it when Beck returned with toilet paper. Oddly enough, about half and hour later as we were throwing our final rolls of toilet paper skyward, a couple of teenagers walked by with a nerf football. They extended it out to Benjamin and asked if he’d like to have it. You just gotta love the home town atmosphere in the fairest little town on the plains.

Oh, I’m very happy where we live now and have absolutely no desire to move, but it was wonderful to return on a fall weekend to that special place called Auburn.



1. Kathryn Richards - November 12, 2006

Sorry Joe, I just have to say it. GO DAWGS!! I’m so glad that you and Benjamin and Rachel had such a fun time in Auburn. I feel the same way about Athens, GA. We took our girls to a UGA game in October and they had a wonderful time.

2. Kevin Kline - November 22, 2006

And to thee I say “Roll Tide Roll!”


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