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Frontier Days November 8, 2006

Posted by Laura in Family.


One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the ability to have “school” whenever and wherever we wish. This wonderful flexibility allows us to participate in events that would otherwise be off-limits because they take place during the “regular school” day. We can go at times that are less crowded or busy and take advantage of discount ticket times, too.


(Benjamin and a friend watch sorghum being made the old-fashioned way at the Tennessee State Fair).

Our homeschool group at church has gone on many field trips together-  visited museums, participated in art lessons, and had enrichment times to work on projects like model bridge building, among other things. It’s been wonderful.


(Rachel displays the boat she made from aluminum foil to test what shape will hold the most ballast [paper clips] before sinking).

This past weekend, Joe had meetings with an alumni group he is a part of at Auburn University. I can’t travel while pregnant, so I stayed behind and took care of the animals.

Joe was in meetings all day Friday. My dear mother-in-law Becky took off a day of work and took the kids on a field trip.  They went to Fort Toulouse for Frontier Days where groups of actors were re-enacting life in the early years of our country in period costumes. I think they ALL had a ball.


(Benjamin got to ask questions of a “real” Native American from Oklahoma who came to be part of the event).
(After their exciting field trip, cousin Sarah Elizabeth came over to play and spend the night.  Here you see the “One little, two little, three little Indians…” in costumes Becky whipped up for them in an afternoon).



1. jipmeister - November 8, 2006

OF COURSE Becky whipped up costumes in a day !! That doesn’t surprise me a bit!!!
First I have to say….THAT IS SARAH???????????????
Next…..THAT IS RACHEL???????? I thought maybe pregnancy had made you shorter…she looks more and more like you !!! maybe I’m just slow in noticing it!!
We went to Brundige last week to the peanut butter festival…saw the parade and all the hoopla but didn’t see hide nor hair of a peanut….how wierd is that?? LOL

2. GP - November 9, 2006

How absolutely fabulous… what an education. My sister in law homeschooled 6 kids and when I first heard she was doing that, was skeptical. Methinks anymore it’s the way to go.

Also how cool about Frontier Days, Here in Whitehall, Montana, we have one annually in July. Way fun for the kids and the kids in us!

3. Uncle Chris - November 9, 2006

I am officially jealous.

I can’t see too good, was that pocahontas in one of those pictures?

4. Laura - November 9, 2006

Which part are you jealous of? I’m assuming it’s the costumes. I can ask Becky if she can make one in your size too… 🙂

Really looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks, Uncle Chris.

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