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Pumpkin Time November 2, 2006

Posted by Laura in Family.


One of the great pleasures of fall is the smell of pumpkins!  The vivid orange of the rind along with the vibrant leaf colors warm me on the inside even as they remind me of the coming cold and the drab lack of color that accompanies winter.

We did plant some pumpkin seeds this year, but a bit too late probably, and they suffered from lack of rain.  We never did make it out to an orchard to pick apples or to a pumpkin patch, but hopefully we’ll do better next year.  We had to settle for store-bought ones this year.



(Yeah, cats may be curious, but so are chickens.  It seems it’s hard to get a picture of anything outside WITHOUT a chicken in it!.  We kept having to run this one and a few others away while we worked.  She just couldn’t wait for her share!).


The children were very eager to scoop out the seeds and design the faces on them.  Rachel stirred the seeds and pulp around and around and offered “pumpkin soup” to the dogs and cats.  There weren’t many (any) takers, so we saved them to toast and eat ourselves later.  The chickens did partake of the cut-out pieces of pumpkin, though.


(What fun!  We trick-or-treated at Grams and BePops house before going over to Cousin Kay’s new house.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of all the cousins together.  Kay was a very cute ladybug).

When we went to the Harvest Party at church last weekend, the kids dressed up as a pirate and a princess.  They liked the same themes for their pumpkins.  (Come on- you can SEE that pumpkin on the right is CLEARLY a princess pumpkin!).





1. Becky - November 2, 2006

What fun it must have been to make the faces on the pumpkins.

I think Benjamin makes a very handsome pirate and of course Rachel IS a princess all of the time……she just really dressed the part in the picture.

The chickens (in the pictures) haven’t figured out that they aren’t part of the family. Are these some of the ones you hatched and mothered? Are you their mother? They probably consider B & R their featherless breed brother & sister. Wouldn’t surprise me!

2. chickenmama - November 2, 2006

We did have a lot of fun doing the pumpkins! And Rachel was the exact same princess (Snow White) last year- she never tires of being regal. Did you notice the mink stole she was wearing? Grams found that at an estate sale for a bargain last year and gave it to her to dress up with. She’d never before held a fur, but she sure did know just how to appreciate it- draped it over herself and rubbed her face on it, paraded around and showed it off.

Benjamin enjoyed being a pirate- especially the eyeliner beard and scar! No surprise, though- the eyepatch came off pretty soon, followed by the hat that kept blowing off, then the hook that made it hard to get more candy. Before long, I was carrying all that, plus a tiara and a stole!

The chicken in the picture is from that original bunch I “mothered” (when I first became ChickenMama). We bought those as day-old chicks and I tended them around the clock for weeks before they were old enough to put out in the henhouse. Flopsy (a different Barred Rock hen) used to let us pick her up and hold her and occasionally jumped up on my shoulder when I was getting their food. She was eaten by a neighbor dog (along wth Sgt. Black, Chicken Jane, …). The ones with names I actually miss when they disappear because they had distinct enough personalities and appearances (to me anyway) to get names. I’ve heard turkeys are very prone to follow people around, even sit on the porch with you while you drink your coffee, but I’m too afraid ours will be eaten to see. Maybe when there are more of them and they’re all full-grown- safety in numbers and all.

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