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Scout Jamboree 2006 October 16, 2006

Posted by Joe in Scouts.

This past weekend, Scouts from the Middle Tennessee Council of the Boy Scouts of America gathered together for its annual Scout Jamboree. Approximately 3,000 Scouts plus parents and siblings (totaling approximately 7,000 people) gathered together at the Wilson County Fairgrounds for a weekend of camping and fun.

Benjamin and I went with his pack. We have had a great time!


The weekend kicked off on Friday afternoon when we caravanned to the campsite. It took us approximately an hour and a half to get there from our slice of creation. The time passed quickly because a friend, Zack (pictured in the center of the photo above), traveled with us.

When we got there, we pitched our tent and readied our supplies, preparing for what we knew would be a night spent in the cold air of October. Benjamin was amazed at the number of tents there – acres and acres of tents within feet of each other.


That night, the temperatures dipped down close to freezing. We bundled up in sleeping bags and quilts to keep warm. We also had an air mattress to keep us off the cold ground. Unfortunately the air mattress had a slow leak in it. Every hour and a half, I had to wake Benjamin up so I could pump more air into it to keep my bottom off the ground. Even so, he said he was having a great time.

Saturday was fully of activities.

Benjamin competed in the Bungy Run. You strap a harness around your torso and run as far down a track as you can before the bungy cord attached the harness jerks you back toward the starting position.


We also learned to work with leather. He made a special design for Mommy.


We learned about Ham Radios and Morse Code.


We tossed the football.

And we learned to make a rope out of twine.



As soon as he finished the rope, we said he wanted to give it to Rachel to use as a jump rope.

Benjamin’s favorite activity of the day was the rope course. There, he learned the various ways that you can use a rope to cross some divide, such as a river. You can crawl on top of the rope, if you’re well balanced.


You can hang from beneath the rope and crawl across it.


This takes less balance, but more flexibility.


Next you can walk across one rope and use a second rope for stability.


And finally, there’s the zip cord method.


It was on this part of the course that our friend, Zack, got his thumb caught in the pulley. An x-ray at the local hospital showed no broken bones. But he does have ligament damage, requiring him to wear a cast for 3 to 5 weeks. Nothing too serious though; Zack is fine and in good spirits.

That night we sat around the campfire, cooked one of Benjamin’s favorite foods – chicken noodle soup. Some hot chocolate and S’mores completed the meal.

After another cold night, temperatures again hovering around the freezing point, we broke camp on Sunday morning. The pack collectively decided that, as good as our outdoor camp food had been, a trip to Cracker Barrel was more appealing. So we packed up everything and headed to the restaurant for a good home style breakfast.

When we returned home, Laura had told me that on Sunday morning, she had to break the ice off the top of the chicken’s water trough. Now that’s cold!

What a trip!



1. Uncle Chris - October 17, 2006

I can’t see too good, was that a navy seal on the rope course?

2. Becky - October 17, 2006

Sounds like you’ll had a wonderful time. I’m really sorry about Zach’s thumb. Benjamin had told me about it when I called. That was really thoughtful of him to want to give Rachel the rope he made. He’s such a neat kid.

I love the picture with the tents behind Benjamin. I’m so glad that he is having the opportunity to do these types of activities with his dad. That makes it even more special.

You forgot to mention that you accidentally poured hot water on Benjamin’s thumb while making hot chocolate. He told on you but said that it was really an accident and it was all better now.

3. TnFullQuiver - October 18, 2006

Nothing like camping. Sounds like memories that you guys will look back on for many years to come. Some of our most enjoyable memories are the camping trips we take with our kids.

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