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Christian Agrarianism September 25, 2006

Posted by Laura in Family, Farm.

We have mentioned in previous posts that we feel God led us to this glimpse of heaven we call home. And we most definitely still feel that way. With each passing day, we feel more honored that He has given us the privilege to care for this bit of land and the creatures on it, in addition to the delight we get from raising the children with which He’s blessed us. We get such joy from trying to live out His will for our lives and strive towards a Christian Agrarian ideal. But what exactly do I mean by that? Good question.

Contrary to what popular culture says is “normal”- both parents working outside the home 50+ hours a week, sacrificing family and always striving to attain the newest best “stuff,” letting the public education system choose what children learn (which would NOT include the spiritual heritage we want to pass on) , relying entirely on what is provided by chain grocery and discount stores- we have different ideas about how God prefers our families to live. Christian Agrarians don’t cut themselves entirely off from the world or set themselves up in little communes, but they do strive to live in ways that they feel honors God and respects both His creation and the family.  This frequently does mean turning off the television and limiting exposure to unGodly influences, though.

I could try to explain this further in my own words, but I found a wonderful posting on a blog I like to read that puts it quite well. I encourage you to read it and you can comment here if you wish.



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