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Ear Issues September 21, 2006

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We’ve got an injury theme going on around here. First, Lucy got a tattered ear from an attack by a cousin dog. We’ve been teasing her that her time on the show circuit is over. (And I just knew she was going to be Grand Champion “Tennessee Black Dog,” too. šŸ™‚ ). I tell her she actually looks quite fancy now with her lacy ear, but that perforated ears just aren’t appreciated by the masses yet.


Then, last week Patch crawled up under the hood of my truck. When I started it, it made an ugly sound and I turned it right back off, suspecting what may have happenend. A terrified and bleeding kitten came streaking out from under the truck to take refuge on the porch. Patch is now missing the pointed tip of her ear and a small strip of fur across the bridge of her nose- she is a VERY blessed kitty, though. The outcome could have been MUCH worse. I hope she learned a good lesson from this experience and will pass it along to Coco.


(These pictures were taken mostly before injuries. I thought I’d spare you the sight of the wounds. In other words, Benjamin is not smiling BECAUSE his kitty was injured, just from the delight of her company pre-incident.)

On Tuesday, Joe was working outside and playing with our 250+ pounds-worth of dogs. He needed a piece of wood for the chicken tractor, so he riled up the dogs with the usual, “Hey dogs, let’s go to the toolshed.” I have no idea why this gets them so excited- they get nothing when they get there, it’s not that far, and they come right back, but such is the response of simple, happy-go-lucky dogs. They began to run around and jump on each other and try to get Joe to wrestle.

As Lucy and Daisy began their sprint to the toolshed, Klondike (who is still new to these things) continued to try to engage Daisy in the wrestle. Daisy had already moved on to the next stage- run headlong, get there, look back to see where Joe was, look for squirrels, come back- and didn’t want to sacrifice her lead to Lucy. She tried to tell Klondike to get with the program, but he was slow to get the message. Their tussle became more serious and Joe had to get involved to separate them. Klondike, long fluffy fur protecting him, backed away unscathed. Daisy didn’t fare as well. One ear was bleeding pretty badly.

We tried to bandage it twice, but she shook her head and worked it off, leaving a lot of contemporary splatter art in her wake. I took her to the vet yesterday morning since it was still bleeding. Would you believe she had to be given a general anesthetic and stitched up? At least we got the comedy of watching Daisy pretend to NOT be sleepy (as she fought off the disappearing anesthetic) to help ease the the pain WE were feeling after the blow to the checkbook!




1. Becky - September 21, 2006

I am just so thankful that my dogs (temporary included) had nothing to do with the wounding of you pets this time. Puncture wounds can really be the pits (or PIT depending on how deep the puncture is).

It is so funny to see Jenny’s 10 year old, very slow rottweiler address the “pecking order” with Zoe the 4 1/2 old rottweiler puppy. when Yanna does allow Zoe up, Zoe thinks it is a game and comes back for more. From all of the growling, you would think Yanna would give her some serious puncture wounds on her throat.

Hope they all heal and stay well soon. Poor Patches. She could have been a bob tailed cat……then she would probably walk funny.

2. Joe - September 21, 2006

I must say, that I’m glad it was Daisy that got the tattered ear and not me when I waded into the fray. The two of them put together outweigh me, you know.

BTW – I think some of our chickens have suffered from ear injuries, too. But it’s hard to tell. šŸ™‚

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