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Sunflowers and Wagon Rides September 4, 2006

Posted by Laura in Family, Farm.

The past few days have been a glorious break from the usual oppressive heat and humidity of late summer. It’s been in the low 80’s and partly overcast. Even pregnant, I can go outside in weather like that!

Joe began bushhogging down the “dove field” (a.k.a. auxiliary garden) last weekend. The beans and corn planted there had withered in the sun without producing anything anyway. The sunflowers were about ready.

Thursday afternoon, the kids and I attached the cart to the mower and headed off. I received this pull-behind cart for Mother’s Day a year ago and it is probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. It is so handy for hauling gardening things like shovels and compost, but it’s also a great ride for kids. They squeal with delight as they bump over the uneven ground. I have very fond memories of my grandfather pulling us around the same way when we were kids and we’d giggle and laugh.

(Despite the racecar driver pose at the wheel, I promise they both sit down inside the cart when I drive).



The sunflowers had turned mostly brown and the heads were hanging upside down. We cut the flower heads off the stalks and the kids loaded them in the cart. About every 4th or 5th flower, they stopped to crack seeds to eat before coming back for another armload. We had a good time working together. This is the kind of stuff I hope they remember for years to come.


Apparently we should have gone on and cut down the sunflowers before last weekend and let them finish drying under cover. The birds have eaten more than half of the seeds already. We had intended to use the seed to supplement the feed for the chickens this winter and to reseed next year. It looks like we will be fortunate to save enough just to replant.


The flower heads that had just a few sparse seeds left in them we didn’t bother to cut. Joe will finish bushhogging them down and the doves can have them. Maybe we’ll even get some volunteer sunflowers next year too.




1. Sheryl - September 12, 2006

They WILL remember this for years!!! If only you had several sets of evergreens on your property that were planted really close together to drive the cart between like Grandpop did. Sap in the hair? Who cares! It was awesome. Grandpop might have gotten in trouble these days because he let us hang our legs out the back of the open tailgate and drag our feet (bare of course) through the grass and jump off and goof around. One time Chris got a separate ride in the cart because we had not let him have a turn on the tailgate.
With Halloween coming, you have roasted pumpkin seeds to look froward to.

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