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Scout awards night August 31, 2006

Posted by Joe in Scouts.

Two or three times a year, perhaps even as much as once a quarter, the Cub Scouts have an awards night where each scout is presented with the patches, beltloops, trophies, and pins they’ve earned since the last awards night.

The Boy Scouts of America realize that every child thrives on recognition; they like to feel acknowledged and patted on the back when they’ve accomplished something. The Scouts expect a lot of the young boys, and the boys seem to live up to those expectations. There are ample opportunities for a scout to earn an award.

As part of the ceremony, each scout is brought in front of the whole pack and presented with their awards. Then the pack gives them a “round of applause” (the clapping is done in a circular motion for a “round” of applause).

Benjamin received several beltloops that he earned while at the resident camp this summer – Science, Astronomy, and Flag Football. He also received a pin (and even higher accomplishment) in BB Gun shooting. Plus a few other things.

The two items that he prized the most were Bobcat patch and the trophy. The Bobcat patch is presented the the scout when they’ve memorized some things about being a scout – like what scouting means, why character is important, why you should do your best, the pledge of allegiance and scout promise, and how to recognize inappropriate behavior by adult leaders and what to do about it. Anyway, the patch supposed to be pinned on up side down and remain that way until that scout does a good deed for his mother. Then she’ll sow it on right side up. But rather than turning the patch upside down to pin it on, we turn the scout up side down.

The other cool thing in Benjamin’s eyes was the trophy he received for helping to build the winning soapbox derby car.



1. Sheryl - September 13, 2006

Congratulations to Benjamin on all awards. The derby car was da’ bomb.

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