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A Growing Family August 30, 2006

Posted by Laura in Family.

The observant reader of previous posts may have noticed some mentions of “being in the family way.” We are officially at the halfway point and had our comprehensive ultrasound today. Here is a picture of our little bundle of joy.


(In case you are wondering since it’s kind of hard to tell, she’s sucking her thumb).

Many of you know (and grieved with us) when God called Baby Daniel home last year at this time, before he was born. We are so grateful for the prayers that have sustained us thus far and we praise God for this healthy baby.

Baby Webb is officially due to make her appearance in mid-January, but with my track record of early deliveries, we expect to see her before the end of the year. We will entertain name suggestions for this new “kid” also, but all the ones listed for the goats thus far are right out! (Actually, we are leaning towards Lydia right now, but haven’t settled for sure on that name).

Rachel is truly delighted to hear she will have a sister. She’s hardly stopped dancing and grinning. Benjamin, being in a rather male-centered phase right now, is not pleased. He can’t imagine what he will do with another sister. When Joe tried to console him that he and Benjamin will get to pal around more, Benjamin furrowed his brow and stated indignantly that if he’s going to have another sister, he’s going to have to spend more time outside! He’s already asked me how long it will be before I can have a boy.



1. Bro. Mike - August 30, 2006

Thanks for sharing the wonderful news. May God’s hand be upon you as you anticipate her (baby Webb’s) arrival!

2. Grams - September 8, 2006

Can’t wait to sew for this one, too.

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