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Getting ready for goats August 27, 2006

Posted by Joe in Farm.

After the morning’s church service, I spent this Sunday afternoon in a labor of love – working in the pasture. I find working in the garden and pasture on our farm so very refreshing. Sure I was working in the direct sun today when it must have been in the upper 90’s, with humidity that would equal the temperature. But still there is something invigorating about hard work, on your own land.

That’s why I don’t feel that working with my family around Blessed Acres is not respecting the Sabbath. It’s what the Sabbath is all about, honoring God, respecting His creation, spending time with your family, and not working on or worry about your day-job.

This day was fencing. You see, we have agreed to buy 3 goats once they’ve been weaned from their mother in September. We’re getting 2 females and a billy. They are all siblings so we’ll have to have to “fix” the billy to prevent, well, you get the picture.

Rachel wants to name them Sally, Princess, and Tim. Benjamin is adamant that those names are far too feminine for goats – even though 2 are females. His only suggestion has been to name the billy either Buster or Knight.

We don’t really know too much about goats. Laura grew up around horses, me around cows. Laura’s read a lot about them and hopefully we can learn without too many mistakes.

We do know that they are difficult to keep in your fences. That’s why I spent the day fencing. About 1/2 of our property is fenced. But, it’s in pretty poor shape. Three strands of barbed wire might have been enough to keep Gus, the very contented yet lonely, horse that we used to have in the pasture. But it’s doubtful that our fences would keep much of anything in that really wanted out.

So today, I worked on a small cross-fence area that will hopefully keep our goats in. There’s still plenty to do – including straightening a leaning wooden post, pulling the woven wire tight, stringing some barbed wire, and hanging a new 12 foot gate. But we’re on our way to becoming the proud owners of some fine looking goats.

If you have some help with names, let us know in the comments section. Since we’re expecting a baby ourselves around Christmastime, we may even keep the best of names for our newborn.



1. Kathryn Richards - August 28, 2006

I like Buster for the billy and Sally for one of the females. I’m not real good with names for goats since one tried to eat my jacket right off my body at a petting zoo when I was 3 yrs. old. The kind of names that come to my mind are things like Garbage Disposal and Trash Compactor. I know Benjamin and Rachel won’t go for those. You could try a theme with the names and choose names from a favoirte comic strip (like Sally from Peanuts) or a favorite book (like Buster from Arthur series). Good luck with the names. I can’t wait to meet the goats. . . from a distance of course.

2. jipmeister - August 28, 2006

I was thinking along the lines of a theme too. You could name the two girls IMA and GUNNA and the billy MAKEUCRAZY!!!

you could go with Paris and NIcole and the billy could be something like Hoover or Hugo…I’m at a loss for the billy I just like the idea of naming a goat after those two girls….sigh

You could go with Janet, Chrissy and Jack or Ellie Mae, Granny and Jethro or Ginger, Mary Ann and Gilligan or Elastigirl, Edna and JackJack…it would help if you’d get two males instead of two females…then we could go with simon and garfunkel and cher or peter, paul and mary or you could go with some non gender specific names like….bacon lettuce and tomato or snap crackle and pop or the nina the pinta and the santa maria ….the good the bad and the ugly????

ok that’s the best I’ve got at the moment but i did find this for you…it’s not so much what I found on the site but that the list exists to begin with http://exoticpets.about.com/cs/namelists/a/namesgoat.htm

3. Joe - August 30, 2006

Just to be clear: it was Sally and Princess that were too feminine sounding; Tim was fine but not considered as good as Buster or Knight for our billy.

When we were but a one dog family, we had Lucy. We decided she was lonely and in need of a friend so we got a second dog. I really wanted to name her Ethel. Then we would have had Lucy and Ethel, but I was outvoted by the kids and we ended up with Lucy and Daisy instead. “Daisy” probably fits better, though. It provide so many more choices for alliteration: i.e. Dimwit Daisy, Dyno-D (when she passes gas), etc

4. Sheryl - September 13, 2006

I don’t know about names for goats. All of the above sound good. But if you change your mind about pigs…Stink, Stank, and Stunk.

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