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Future Farmers of America August 27, 2006

Posted by Laura in Family, Farm.

These kids LOVE to be outside. They love to skate, ride their bikes, climb trees, fish, pick produce, look for fossils, you name it. But most of all, they love to do whatever Joe and I are doing. One of their favorite activities is driving their tractors.

This farm had a lot of wonderful features already when God led us here- huge mature trees to shade the house (perfect for climbing and tire-swinging, too), fish-stocked ponds, a combination one-stall barn and toolshed, and partial fencing. But if you asked the kids what they appreciate most, it would have to be the quarter mile PAVED driveway. It’s perfect for riding anything on. And ride, they have.ffatractorkids8-22-06.JPG

These pint-sized tractors were under the Christmas tree year before last, just before we moved here. They have A LOT of miles on them now. Benjamin rode this red one so much and with such intensity that he actually snapped the pedals in half. Still, despite the dragging chain and slowed speed, he rode it by pushing it along with his feet.

We have several kind neighbors. The closest one (Mr. Johnny) works for a barge welding company and offered to mend anything for us that got broken. Joe and the kids took the broken pieces over there, and true to his word, Mr Johnny had it fixed and returned the next day. The little farmers were back at work immediately.



1. jipmeister - August 27, 2006

Keep the kids away from the pond/lake/swimming hole/cement pond or whatever you have out there, when they are riding those things!!

YEARS ago, we were at an office party at the boss’s house and one of my co-workers children was on one of those heavy metal tractors like that. Let me say up front that he is fine – but I watched from the patio as he and his brother began to play chicken or something and as he backed up to ram his brother he backed up too far and went into the pool, tractor and all! EVERY adult in the place was oblivious!! I on the other hand was 800 months pregnant and had just shoved a huge piece of watermelon in my mouth! I realized nobody else was looking and took off running – 800 month pregnant woman – and dove in after him. The only reason it is hilarious NOW is because he was/is ok but I’ll never forget diving in, choking on that watermelon and seeing him at the bottom of the pool still hanging on to the steering wheel of that tractor and I didn’t realize until we got to the surface that he STILL was hanging on to that dadgum tractor!! NO WONDER I had so much trouble pulling him out!!
I just realized that since it was summer I was probably only at most 5 months pregnant – but you know how crazy and exaggerated things get during that first pregnancy! LOL

2. chickenmama - August 27, 2006

I appreciate the caution, but the ponds aren’t near the driveway and I think we’ve sufficiently warned them about the presence of snakes in the ponds (even in the tall grass on the way to them). The kids are forbidden to go down there alone. They never go near them unless one of us is along, and then usually to fish after bush-hogging. They could never pedal through that pasture, anyway. And you have to be well bug-sprayed to walk more than 10 feet past the area the chickens “work” – way too many chiggers and ticks. There are plenty of other things for them to do closer to the house, so playing near the ponds has never been a temptation fortunately. Thanks for the warning, though.

I know the mention of snakes around the ponds has you itching for an invitation to come fish, so come anytime!! πŸ™‚

3. Sheryl - September 13, 2006

Love the picture!!! I guess this is one of those classic examples you told me about when you let them dress themselves without supervision and get in the car and you arrive somewhere and only realize then that you must always look at the feet before pulling away from the house. Classic. Who cares? Galoshes are COOL! On tractors at home, or at Church.

4. Joe - September 13, 2006

There’s really no outfit that cannot be enhanced with a good pair of rubber boots. πŸ™‚ They outgrow their tennis shoes; they wear out their boots with holes in the toes, cracks in the heel, etc.

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