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Musings About the Future August 23, 2006

Posted by Laura in Farm.

We have stated in the past that we felt that God’s hand was definitely in the events that brought us to this farm.  That bears repeating again.  We feel He has blessed our endeavors here despite the small amount of time we have been able to invest thus far.  A “city job,” small children, homeschooling, and pregnancies have all limited our abilities to make the visible progress we long for.  Still, we know that things like newly planted fruit trees surviving last year’s drought, wonderful neighbors who show up to help without being asked, and an incredible church family are all signs of His blessings.


We’ve been able to see His work and some of the unfolding of His plan since moving here.  We’ve seen the benefits in the present and appreciated them.  More recently though, we’ve begun to wonder more about His ideas for the future and how we fit in.

We try to be good neighbors and invest ourselves in our church, but I wonder if He has more in mind than just that.  And for that matter, what about all you other Christians that feel the pull to homestead and return to a simpler, more self-sufficient lifestyle?  Do you think it’s coincidence that there is a growing number of us who feel compelled to embrace a lifestyle of agrarianism, strong Christian roots, and the work ethic of bygone days?  Not only that, but to speak up about it and share what we’ve learned with others?


The Bible tells us that in the “end days” the anti-Christ will rise to power and require “the mark of the beast” in order to buy and sell.  It also tells of the rapture of the church (the simultaneous disappearance of Christians from the earth), but is a bit vague about the timing of that.  Many believe that rapture will occur before the tribulation period, but others insist it will be sometime after the tribulation has begun.  Either way, I have to wonder if God is preparing for the survival of His people during that time.


If we Christians have to endure part of that time and refuse to “take the mark,” we will not be allowed to purchase from grocery stores and such.  We will be forced to rely on our own supplies of food and underground bartering with fellow Christians.  Do you see where I am going with this?  The less we rely on “the world” to supply our needs, the better off we will be.  And the more connected we are to fellow believers, the easier we will be able to create this underground bartering network.  This age of computers, websites, and “blogs,” may give us the tools to prepare for what’s ahead.


And if we, the current believers, aren’t here, maybe our efforts are for the new converts to come. To allow them to survive and “get the Word out” to others.  Our merciful God is always trying to give us one more chance.  I think that applies until the very end.



1. Becky - August 23, 2006

Not only do I think you are right about all of this, I think God wants us to rely first on Him and then on one another. That is where Christ, His church, family and friends all come in.

God did lead you’ll to Blessed Acres for a reason. The things you’ll have learned since moving there will always be something to treasure. You have a very loving church family and wonderful neighbors.

As far as learning to grow your own food, I think at some point in time you’ll will be self-sufficient for most things. Do you know how exciting it is to see you’ll getting back to the basics. When the world tries to pull everyone toward material things, everyone loses….especially the children.

You have been very dedicated to teaching your children they don’t need television, movies, etc. to be entertained or occupied. They are growing up the way I grew up. Thankfully, Granny and J instilled a lot of these values in Joey and Robin when they would go up there during the summers. They learned where food comes from and it was a lot of work resulting in a lot of pride in growing your own garden. I remember Robin sitting in the swing on Granny and J’s back porch looking out at the cattle in the pasture and saying “You know J, there’s a lot of mighty fine steaks walking around in that pasture.”

I’m proud of you’ll and when times do get very, very hard, if I can get the gas to get there, I’m coming to Blessed Acres.

2. Tom - August 24, 2006

Your post struck me deep. This is the only reason we have a computer and the only reason that I blog. The Spirit “is” waking folks up. And I’ve always said when you follow Christ there is no other direction to go but to shed the things of the world and follow Him.

3. Pastor Josh - August 25, 2006

It is interesting how God puts you in places for a reason. Sometime we don’t even know the reason. The thing is we just have to trust in God all the time. No matter what. My family are about to move into the country on a little bit of land. Lookin forward to growing my own food. The thing is that God totally found the place for us. We were looking in one direction and God wanted us to go in the other direction. God is always in control even when we try to take control. You have a nice blog going. I will be back. Be blessed.

4. monica - June 1, 2008

hi! i am a hippie punk girl anarchist social activist with no concept of religion and i have chickens, a huge garden, can my own food and i want to live off the land self-sufficiently. i see the growing world insecurity and i do not belive in capitalism and war. therefore, i too see the future as being an apocalyptic disaster run by terrible businessmen. however, duh. this is obvious. and it doesnt take people who call themselves “christian” to get it. that’s as silly as saying “hi, my name is monica. i am an anarchist and i take a historical hippy view of mother nature and that means only i will survive”. god to you is mother nature to me. you are christian and i am a pot smoking botanist. see you in the post- apocalypse!

5. monica - June 1, 2008

by the way, your blog is very nice! i stumbled on it because i was researching barred rock chickens, chicken tractors, etc. Salud!

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