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SISTER Patch? August 22, 2006

Posted by Laura in Farm.

Today was check-up day again for the kitties. Rachel had a very hard time letting anyone give her baby a shot last time. To prevent upset this afternoon, I let the kids go to our dear friend Carol’s house to play and I took the kittens by myself.

The kitties have been good little passengers on previous trips, but were very nervous today. For most of the trip, I had one in my lap and another on the console beside me meowing and rubbing on me.patchhangingout7-16-06.JPG

After the vet had given the vaccinations, I asked her to check on the gender of the cats again. We had been told at our previous visit that they were both boys (to Benjamin’s delight and Rachel’s disappointment). During the last week, I had noticed that they didn’t look the same. (Apparently, it is pretty difficult to tell for sure until they are at least 2 months old).


Yep, you guessed it. Rachel, who SO wanted Coco to be a girl, has a BOY. And Benjamin, who was glad to have some more males around the place (the kittens + Klondike) has a GIRL. Which also means that we now have a “couple” of cats instead of pals. Joe has really been hoping to avoid the expense of having them “fixed” (about $150 at our vet), figuring that if “the boys went wandering”, at least we wouldn’t have kittens to find homes for. Wouldn’t you know it?



1. Marci - August 23, 2006

Hello there. Nice blog. I will be back. Where is your farm located?

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