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Into the Lion’s Lair August 9, 2006

Posted by Laura in Uncategorized.

Why is it that perfectly normal animals that come to live on this farm suddenly lose all instinct and sense?


Chickens should have a natural fear of all predators. They are slow flightless birds and easy pickings- the perfect prey animal. And ours have quite regularly witnessed the dwindling of their own numbers at the jaws of neighbor dogs (before Klondike’s arrival), yet they have no apparent fear. Our chickens have so lost their protective instincts that I have many times seen them trying to steal the dogs’ food out of their bowls WHILE THE DOGS WERE EATING IT! Now that is dumb! Fortunately for the chickens, our own dogs have been trained not to bother them and as a result, their only punishment is to be launched off the porch on the end of a dog nose. I’d have to say, I wouldn’t scold the dogs too much if they took out a few tail feathers to teach the chickens a lesson in their place on the food chain.chickendogbowl8-18-06.JPG

When the kittens first arrived, they also were quite afraid of the dogs. As soon as the dogs came into sight, they began hissing and beating a hasty path to the nearest tree. I think they are over their fear. I have seen the kittens too, try to steal food out of the dogs’ bowls, even as the dogs guarded them. They suffered the same punishment as the chickens, but I’m not sure the discipline worked with them either.




1. Joe - August 10, 2006

Despite the nearly overwhelming anecdotal evidence to the contrary, we do not have a bunch of lead-based paint chips lying around the yard for our animals to eat at their leisure.

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