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The Fruits of Our Labors August 4, 2006

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As July has melted (literally) into August, the “fruits of our labors” are beginning to really come in.  We had our first cantaloupes a couple of weeks ago.  The tomatoes are really pouring on the steam now-  we have enough for fresh eating, giving away, and canning.  The okra needs picking every other day.  Unfortunately, we lost all the zucchini and squash to bugs.  If we take a swingblade to the weeds which impede picking, we may yet get some cucumbers for pickling.  The cowpeas are beginning to dry and the kids and I have spent a few air-conditioned hours shelling them.  (It may be traditional to shell beans on the porch, but it’s way too hot for this “expectant” lady to spend one unnecessary minute outside!).firstwatermelon8-03-06.JPG


We planted a number of unusual varieties of melons- Zatta,

Golden Beauty, Tigger, Crenshaw, White Wonder, Yellow Doll, Orangeglo, and Banana among them.  The Crenshaws were the first to produce muskmelons (what we Americans consider “cantaloupes”) this year and they have been wonderful.  Less wonderful have been the Zatta muskmelons, which have a very thick rind and have been too hard to even slice, and White Wonder watermelon. 


(Joe thinks the melon was given that name not because it is uniquely white in flesh color but because it isn’t sweet, so they wondered who would eat it).  I’ve read that a rain shortly before picking can dilute the sweetness, so maybe the next ones will be better.  We’ve gotten a couple that tasted like cucumbers also- very disappointing.  Not a total loss, though, because the chickens like them all!  They eat them down to a very thin rind that dries out and curls up on itself.  Very little really goes to waste around here.



1. Grams - August 10, 2006

I can testify to some delicious tomatoes and melons that have grown at Blessed Acres.

2. Shelley Pierce - November 23, 2015

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