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A “Corny” Blog August 4, 2006

Posted by Laura in Uncategorized.


We had such high hopes for the corn.  I imagine we have 2000+ stalks of corn between the “main garden” and the “dove field,” yet the entire season’s yield would fit in a five gallon bucket.  I suppose the lack of rain prevented the corn from filling the ears.  As you walk among the plants, you see thin things that look like they might be ears of corn, but when you grasp them, there is nothing in the husks. 


I picked all there was today and brought it in to shuck.  Last year, I found out that corn not doused with pesticides comes with some wildlife inside the tops.  To prevent upset, I have learned to just cut off the top 2 inches before I even pull back the husks.  The unpleasant end goes into a bucket for the chickens and the rest goes to us-  all-natural pest control!


I used the corn and some of our many potatoes to make corn chowder today.  We ate that for supper, savoring again the joys of eating homegrown food.  I also canned 4 quarts that we plan to save for some very cold night this winter to eat by the fireplace while recalling the hot summer.  Our goal is to one day have almost everything on the table produced on our own farm (as Joe remembers from the summers of his youth with his grandparents).



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