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VBS Ends with a Big Finale July 21, 2006

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Our children LOVE going to church! They begin most mornings with the eager question, “Is today a church day?” so they were very excited to have an entire week of “church days” during Vacation Bible School.

They did all the usual fun things, but also prepared a skit for the congregation to conclude the week on Sunday evening. Rachel had a speaking part, but I’m not sure what it was that she said. (If you look closely in the picture, you can see the wonderful jewelry she made during Girls [or “Gulls” as Rachel says it] Weekend while the guys were at scout camp).rmicrophone7-15-06.JPG

Benjamin was King Xerxes and had a speaking and acting part. (He has come lightyears in getting over his stagefright since we started attending this church!).


Everything was going well until Queen Esther lost her earring on stage and began to fall apart.


Benjamin accepted Christ a couple of years ago, but has been a little reluctant to be baptized because of the stagefright issue. Last week, he decided he was ready and even chose Sunday night so he could be baptized in front of all his friends. We are so proud of him.


When he came out of the baptistry, he grinned and asked Joe if he could do it again!



1. Kathryn Richards - July 24, 2006

Awesome! Congrats Benjamin on your baptism!

2. Ashley - July 25, 2006

hello my name is Ashley, oh and congradulations to your son on his baptisim. Today is monday July 24, 2006 and i went to the car race at buds creek and i happen to run into one of your recent buyers, she had one of the most precious puppies i have ever seen, she said she had purchased it about 4 weeks ago for 750 and im quite interested and would like more information…im not sure what she said it was mixed with but i think palmeranian and something else….but can u please contact me back at eay407@aol.com or 2026278314 thanks so much!

3. Kevin Kline - July 25, 2006

Congrats to Benjamin on his baptism! What a joyful day that must’ve been. As a father in faith, of all the other preparations and instruction we give to our kids, the foundation of faith is the keystone.

It was about this time last year that I took my two oldest down to the lake for an old-time lake-water baptism. Our pastor and a few other kids and families were there too. It was wonderful to see them confirmed in our Lord. I bawled like a baby. :^)

Best regards,


4. Laura - July 25, 2006

Just a clarification on comment # 2- we are not presently selling any puppies, but if someone is willing to pay us $750 for a mixed breed dog, we may just go into business!! 🙂

5. Jamye Few - July 26, 2006

Joe and family,
Congrats to Benjamin on his Baptism! Godly children tend to come from Godly parents.

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