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The Lazy Days of Summer July 15, 2006

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As July wears on, the humidity goes up.  As the “sweat factor” increases, so do the requests to Slip ‘N Slide and eat popsicles.  Ah, to be a carefree kid in the summertime!

Benjamin and Rachel have helped a good bit in the garden and with various other farming projects, but the majority of their time has been spent playing with friends, riding bikes, climbing the old apple trees, swinging on the rope or tire swings, roller skating, playing in the water, and babying their kittens. 




They are very imaginative and have come up with a number of activities that are either messy or dangerous, or better yet, both- the basic kid criteria for fun.  There has been the Slide Through the Mud Hanging From the Rope Swing, the Apple Chute, Rappelling With a Dog Tie-Out, Dig Big Holes in the Yard, and my favorite, Tie Yourselves Together and Try to Climb a Tree.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten or blocked out many more.  The sludge in the bottom of the bathtub proves how much fun they’ve had.




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