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Turkey Poults on an Outing July 12, 2006

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The turkey poults are coming along.  Joe’s prediction about them drowning in the first rain or being too dumb to learn to eat haven’t come true.  They are actually good little hustlers when it comes to foraging.  They are more obedient to their mothers than some of the chicks we’ve had also.  (Shhh…  The mama hen still doesn’t know that her babies aren’t chickens).


We only have 4 of the original 6 left. One was lost to chilling and I think the mother is to blame for the other loss.  She had been taking them through very tall grass sometimes and I think one got behind and couldn’t catch up before the mama got out of sight.

They are quite cute still.  For several days, they had 2 sets of wing feathers that stood out from their sides.  Now that the feathers have grown longer, they are lying down. 

This is what these calico Royal Palm turkeys should look like when they are grown.





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