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Here Kitty, Kitty Part 2 July 11, 2006

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The children have so enjoyed their new kitties.  Much to Benjamin’s unhappiness though, his sweet mama kitty went missing.  We looked and looked for her.  We called and called.  She was nowhere to be found.  Rachel’s kitten was still right where it usually was, but there was no sign of Tiger. rcatslide7-11-06.JPG

I knew that we were going to have to make plans to get Tiger fixed soon, but I thought I had a little more time.  After all, Joe had seen Rachel’s kitten nursing and it is only 8 weeks old.  After checking an Ask-a-Vet posting online, though, I’m not so sure that my time hadn’t run out.

According to the vet, an adult female cat can go into heat again as soon as 4 weeks after she delivers kittens.  Here were the signs listed for imminent heat-

–         extremely affectionate     

–         rubs on you a lot

–         follows you around

–         makes strange noises

Hmmm…. Three out of four.  Tiger had a silent “meow” (she kind of lip-synced) so I’m not sure if she was making strange noises.  She was here for 2 days, apparently happy and nothing seemed amiss.  Who’s to say she wasn’t always that attentive and affectionate? But the third morning, she was missing.  Since we haven’t found evidence of foul-play, I suspect she went looking for short-term companionship. 

Benjamin was so sad, though.  I told Joe about my suspicions.  He had been very reluctant to get the kitties, but he knows how attached the kids are to them.  He actually said, and I quote, “I’d rather her come back pregnant than not come back at all.”  I nearly fell over.

I thought she’d probably come back after a couple of days, but maybe she wasn’t familiar enough with our house to find her way back after such a short stay.  After five days, Tiger had still not returned, so Benjamin picked out another kitten.  She’s “almost as good.” buildingcathouse7-1106.JPG

He has been very busy using the boxes we carted things home from Sam’s in to build “houses” for the outdoor felines.  With each renovation he makes (cuts in the cardboard), he shoves them back inside to see how they like it now.  The kittens thought of some things they needed to do up in the trees out of the kids’ reach for a while, but now that it has started sprinkling, they have returned.patchinbox7-11-06.JPG

Here, Benjamin’s kitten (tentatively named Patch) is cooperatively napping in the granola-bar-box bed he made for her inside the house.  The house, I am told, doubles as an Apple Chute for the fruit that prematurely fell from the trees.  With the picnic table on an angle and “doors” cut in the boxes, one can put apples in one side and they magically roll through and drop out the other side.  As each drops out, you try to whack the apple in half before it hits the ground.  A fun but messy game, somewhat akin to Apple Smash (where you pitch apples instead of baseballs).applechute7-11-06.JPG

By the way, the last I heard, Rachel’s kitten was tentatively named Cocoa (even though it is a pale yellow tiger) to memorialize a favorite cat that belonged to a friend.



1. Becky - July 11, 2006

I think Patch and Cocoa are very beautiful cats. I guess God just wanted Tiger to live somewhere else. I’m sure she is making some boy or girl very happy. Benjamin is just so lucky that the people you’ll got Tiger and Cocoa from had another kitten to give him. He’s one very lucky boy! I really like the houses they made for the kittens. Love to all, Beck

2. chickenmama - July 11, 2006

Funny you should say that B was lucky that the folks still had another kitten to give him. We’ve given them chickens in the past and all of them have been swiped by raccoons or dogs. They had quite a surplus of cats and wanted us to take 5 or more. They were only too happy to give us another kitten and I think they feel like they’ve come out on the better end of the animal swap!

After they have built a fenced yard for the chickens, we’ll give them some more. I was planning on giving them several of the Sicilian Buttercups and White Faced Black Spanish, but doing a head count the other day, I realized we don’t actually have that many left. My favorite one (Ozzie) is missing and we found the remains of another on the driveway over the weekend. Joe may have to start camping out by the toolshed with a pistol if we are going to really deter these dogs. (In Klondike’s defense, though, I don’t remember seeing the missing ones since BEFORE he was turned loose). Rat-shot to the hind end should help get the message across that we aren’t raising chickens for the amusement or diets of the the local canines.

3. Becky - July 12, 2006

You gotta do what you gotta do!

4. The Farm Chronicles of Blessed Acres » The Lazy Days of Summer - July 15, 2006

[…] They are very imaginative and have come up with a number of activities that are either messy or dangerous, or better yet, both- the basic kid criteria for fun.  There has been the Slide Through the Mud Hanging From the Rope Swing, the Apple Chute, Rappelling With a Dog Tie-Out, Dig Big Holes in the Yard, and my favorite, Tie Yourselves Together and Try to Climb a Tree.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten or blocked out many more.  The sludge in the bottom of the bathtub proves how much fun they’ve had. […]

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