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Overlooked Produce July 10, 2006

Posted by Laura in Uncategorized.

Oops!  Guess we missed these.  I don’t guess you’d care to have a radish the size of your head or a zucchini that doubles as a pegleg, would you?




1. Deanna - July 10, 2006

Too bad the fair probably isn’t until October huh?
Gosh those things are huge! Are you sure that is a radish???
I called the kids over to show them and they all said…..
“what’s a radish??”
We’re pretty sad huh?

2. chickenmama - July 10, 2006

Yep, it’s a radish. It’s so big it looks a lot more like a turnip, but we didn’t plant any of those. I can guarantee you that a radish this size would be BITTER! The chickens love them, but we don’t want to taste that in our breakfast eggs, so we put it in the compost.

The zucchini on the other hand will make the chickens’ day. We give them all our over-ripe stuff and they love it! They jostle each other for the seeds, then eventually eat the rest of the inside, leaving the yard littered with rinds. Don’t they know that most of the vitamins are in the peel? 🙂

3. jipmeister - July 11, 2006

I LOVE Rachel in those boots!!!!!! she needs a big yellow straw hat too! I love reading about all of this “farm living” stuff but you know I’d absolutely flip out trying to live it. I have VERY unpleasant memories of going out to collect eggs at my grandfathers. All of the other grandchildren loved to do this every evening so I thought I would give it a shot…OH MY GOSH !! it stank!! and there was chicken poo EVERYWHERE!!! ick ick ick then when I connected the dots and realized where those eggs were coming from i refused to eat their eggs ever again…store bought eggs were different LOL

4. chickenmama - July 11, 2006

Man, we wear out boots like no one you know! And I mean soles flapping, gaping holes on the side that entirely defeat the purpose. They are the solution for every time the kids can’t find a matched pair of shoes. I’d hate to tell you some of the places we’ve been when I’ve glanced over and noticed my kids were in mud-caked boots, and in Rachel’s case, a shirt stained beyond recognition- that girl is hard on clothes! I’m sure we looked like we just fell off the turnip wagon.

About the stinky henhouse- our own is in need of attention at the moment, but a fresh layer of “aromatic cedar shavings” fortunately goes a long way in covering up the problem until you can get to a clean-out.

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