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Here Kitty, Kitty July 5, 2006

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Rachel has been asking for a cat since she could say the word. She doesn’t know too many people who have them, but she dotes on them, and fawns over them every time she meets one.


We used to have feral cats that would take up residence in our toolshed and have kittens. That was a bad arrangement for several reasons: we had cats, yet Rachel couldn’t play with them; the kittens grew up just as wild and then came back in a couple of months to have their own litters; and they “relieved themselves” all over the toolshed. Still, there were fewer mice.

Recently, Rachel began her pleas more vocally. People were offering us kittens and cats and by golly, she wanted one. Some friends we gave surplus chickens to offered us our pick from their recent litters. I began making a case to Joe on Rachel’s behalf.

Finally, he reluctantly agreed and we went over to meet and choose kitties. What a surprise- Benjamin wanted one, too.

After carefully loving on each one to find just the perfect kitty, Benjamin chose a very affectionate mama cat and Rachel chose one of her kittens. We were ready to head home.


The kids carefully held their beloved felines, but when we got out at home, the dogs raced up to greet us as usual. The kitties didn’t appreciate the welcome and Rachel’s kitten promptly ran up a very tall tree while Benjamin’s took cover behind a bush. The mama cat eventually came out, but the kitten resolutely remained in the wide Y of the tree. Rachel begged and pleaded with it. She called and “meowed,” but the kitten was content to doze up there and blink at her, unmoved by her pleas . Rachel cried and cried.


Joe came to her aid by pulling up beside the tree with the tractor. By standing on the tire, he could reach it and get it down. All was well again.

Never have I seen two more loved-upon cats. They have been carried around everywhere so they can be shown things without getting tired. Periodically, they disappear, presumably to walk where they please, under their own power, and nap for a while between lovings. Tonight, watching fireworks, Rachel said, “I wish my kitty could be here to see them.”


Benjamin named his mama cat Tiger. Rachel has still not decided on a name for hers. Back when we first added Daisy (our Dane/Catahoula Leopard dog) to our family, Benjamin was about 5. He was actually the one that insisted on naming her Daisy, but ironically, he couldn’t remember what he’d decided on. For weeks he asked Joe and me, “What’s that zother dog’s name again?” Joe and I thought naturally that Rachel should name her kitten Zother, but she’s not interested.

You can see a bit from the last picture how red and swollen Rachel’s eyes were. That isn’t only from crying when the kitten was in the tree. She’s also allergic to the object of her affection. That won’t stop her from showering love on her kitten, though. It may mean that we refill her inhaler prescription more often, though, and a whole lot of handwashing.



1. jipmeister - July 5, 2006

CATS??? sigh
Sam has dared to ask a time or two but you know me…..it ain’t happenin cause I’m a mean mommy!!!!
I wish I’d know Rachel wanted a kitten….one of my next door neighbors 80 bazillion cats seems to have recently had another litter and I would’ve HAPPILY snagged a few for you… maybe if I sneak out very quietly I can nab one of the two dozen that regularly spend the night on the hood of my car….let me know when one of your kids gets a craving for another critter…I’m sure I’ve probably got a neighbor with an unbelievable surplus of different varieties…..you did hear about the neighbor with the 14 ft python that got “lost” in the neighborhood last summer didn’t you????? Then there’s the one with (at least) 4 huge Rottweilers…….
How bizarre is it that I’m surrounded by critter crazy people????

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