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You Turkey, You! July 2, 2006

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Ever since I caught Chicken Fever, I have been hoping to expand into turkeys too.  Joe has been resistant- something about them being the dumbest animals in the world.  I have persisted- begged, pleaded, wheedled, and cajoled really.  Finally, he agreed.  Not that he plans to have anything to do with them except eat them, but I digress. 

I got a shipment of fertile eggs a few months ago and put them under some broody hens.  Unfortunately, the ones who were volunteering to set them were real flakes.  They would sit a day or two and then swap nests.  Sometimes they tried to move the eggs to nests they liked better.  Sometimes, they forgot which nest was theirs and settled themselves on a pile of that day’s fresh eggs.  Needless to say, those eggs did not hatch.


When a new pair volunteered, I got more eggs and gave it another try.  I divided the eggs between the two to better my odds of some hatching.  Both mothers-to-be faithfully “set” and on Thursday, six of the ten eggs hatched.  These moms are to be commended- that was a whole month of boring sitting and near self-starvation (versus the 21 days to hatch chicken eggs). 

One of the mother hens is a tiny little black Silkie.  I named her Russia because she has a fuzzy pom-pom of downy feathers encircling her head that makes me think of the tall fur hats Russian men used to wear.  Actually, she looks a little ridiculous, but I wouldn’t tell her that.  I don’t know how she can see either.


Joe and I laugh to think how surprised she’ll be when, in a couple of weeks, her “baby” is bigger than she is and how frustrated she’ll be trying to usher it under her wing to sleep.





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