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Couch potato June 30, 2006

Posted by Joe in Uncategorized.

Here’s a picture of the multi-level table we made from an old futon. It’s dual use. During the summer and fall, we’ll use it to store our baking potatoes. In late winter and early spring, we’ll attach some lights and use it to get an early start on our tomatoes, melons, etc. I just need to attach some castor wheels on the bottom so we’ll be able to easily roll it outside on warm spring days.

Benjamin and Rachel were disappointed when I told them that this was not a new set of bunk beds for them.




1. Deanna - June 30, 2006

hey educate the city folks…that’d be me…..these potatoes will last a while like this? Every now and then I have good intentions of doing better in the cooking department and I will buy some actual real foods – non convenience type stuff – fully loaded with great intentions to actually USE my stove and oven for something other than spaghetti or sloppy joes or mac and cheese (from the box) usually about a month or so after I’ve had one of those “spells” I’ll find a bag of potatoes (and sometimes some other veggies – I think) in the drawers in the fridge. By then the potatoes have gotten real sprouty and soft. So how does this work that yours don’t do that??
Ya’ll really have gotten into this whole “farm livin” scene haven’t you???
I admire that – NOT envious at all though! 🙂

2. Laura - June 30, 2006

Well, ask me in a few months! This is the method that Joe’s grandparents used. They have to be spread out so none are touching each other and have good air circulation. The next step is to sprinkle lime (all-natural rock dust) on them to help prevent rotting. I’m not sure this storage location, since it usually has no fresh air flow (it’s the back of the windowless mower shed) and sometimes gets damp inside, will be conducive for good preservation, but we’ll see.

We’d like to have a root cellar/storm shelter dug to store things like this and our canned items. Living out in the country, we actually know 2 people with their own backhoes- mighty convenient. The main hold-up is not knowing where our septic tank is. That’s kind of important! It was put in too long ago for the county to have it on record. We’ve asked previous residents and all have a different guess as to it’s location. My favorite one was “Oh yes, I know. It was out beside where the old smokehouse used to be!” That would be the absent smokehouse that leaves no clues as to its former location.

One last word on potatoes, though- never eat any that have turned green (usually due to light exposure)- they’re POISONOUS.

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