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It’s a dog’s life June 29, 2006

Posted by Joe in Uncategorized.

Last week, our dogs evidentially went out on an adventure during the night. I say evidentially because the night before, they smelled like ordinary country dogs; which is not saying much mind you, but at least they were within a certain tolerable bounds and didn’t drastically upset the olfactory senses.

But when I awoke early the next morning to go to my weekly men’s Bible Study breakfast, Daisy met me at the door. She reeked of skunk! A terribly offensive odor at any hour of the day, but particularly so at 5:00am, after you’ve had a nice shower and you’ve already set your mind to Godly thoughts.

Anyway, we decided that the best way for her to learn to not chase the black and white striped cats would be for her to suffer the consequences of her actions for a few days. She stank. And she didn’t seem to like it either! We thought it’d be a good teachable moment for them.

But alas, it seems that one dog cannot learn from another’s mistake. A few days later, Lucy was apparently the faster of the two dogs on their adventure-du-jour and she came home smelling of skunk. Again, following the ol’ reap-what-you-sow philosophy we decided not to bath her either and let her suffer the consequences of her actions.

You’d think that’d be the end of the story, but not for our two dogs. No. A few days later, they decided to settle the score with the treaspassing nocturne and we awoke to find this in the driveway. What our dogs lack in brains and sense, they apparently make up for with speed and persistence.



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