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Potatoes and peppers and beans, oh my! June 27, 2006

Posted by Joe in Uncategorized.

You work all spring to plant, to weed, to weed some more, and to protect your crops from entomological infestation – and for what? The hope of a bountiful harvest.

Well, this past weekend, our hard work began paying off. We all spent most of the weekend hard at work in the garden, picking beans and digging potatoes.


Laura has been canning the fruits – rather the vegetables – of our labor. She’s put away 22 quarts of beans so far and we’ve barely scratched the surface (no pun intended) on canning the potatoes.

Benjamin, Rachel, and I spent some our time building a multi-level table on which we can spread out and keep the potatoes we’re not going to can. We’re looking forward to having fresh baking potatoes long into the fall and winter.

Next we’ll turn our attention to the peppers. We have around 30 or so Jalapeño plants in the ground and they’re producing more peppers than we (well really it’s just me) can eat. Last year the Jalapeño peppers we planted had a great taste, not too hot. This year, the plants are producing peppers that should come with a HazMat warning! They are hot! We’re going to pickle them using a recipe we got from the Cloars in Dyersburg. Good stuff!

And of course, the squash, zucchini, and cucumbers are coming in faster than we can digest them. There’s a saying around this part of the country. “You better lock your car doors, otherwise you’ll come back and find a bag of zucchini sitting in the front seat.”




1. Becky - June 28, 2006

I really like the new versions of Mr and Miss Potato Head a lot better than those old plastic things. Ask B & R if I can give then a new nose and mouth when I come up there.

Looks like you are having a bumper crop of potatoes, zucchinni and peppers. I read your last post to J and he got a kick out of it.

Hope you’ll are getting more rain than we are…..not many pretty gardens around here, or grass or flowers…..were’re pretty dry.

Love to all. Beck

I’ll be working on B & R’s new noses and mouths.

2. Joe - June 30, 2006

Poor Laura has been working hard to can all the beans we have coming in. And with her pregnancy, the smell of cooked green beans just about makes her toss her cookies.

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