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We have a Wolf Scout! May 31, 2006

Posted by Joe in Uncategorized.

Tonight was the official cross-over ceremony for our Cub Scout pack. A cross-over is something like a graduation ceremony. It’s when the Scouts are promoted to the next level in Scouting. Benjamin crossed over from being a Tiger Scout to being a Wolf Scout.

The ceremony concludes a year of activities and electives that must be completed by the Scout and his family. Activities include things like going to a radio station, making a craft, and helping to change the smoke alarm batteries (or in our case actually putting up smoke alarms). During the ceremony, the Scout is awarded a badge for his accomplishments. But there’s one final twist – literally; the badge is pinned on the Scout up side down and it must remain up side down until he does a good deed. The good deed is determined by his mother. However, rather than turning the badge up side down, the Scout is turned up side down.



1. Becky - May 31, 2006

I’ve heard of Pineapple Upside Down cakes but never an Upside Down scout! I think Benjamin looks really cute upside down. What was his good deed? I know that Rachel probably got a good kick out of seeing him with his feet up in the air! Love, Beck

2. Joe - May 31, 2006

Being turned up side down is nothing unusual for Benjamin and Rachel – they love it. It usually comes with a tickle and I think Benjamin was expecting one in the picture.

The badge is worn up side down, but rather than turning the badge up side down, we turn the Scout up side down. It has to remain that way until he does his good deed. He hasn’t done his yet; once he does, we can turn it over.

3. Anonymous - June 1, 2006


Google news and reviews…

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