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Fluffy Yellow Fanny Follow-Up May 14, 2006

Posted by Joe in Uncategorized.

Remember that poor chick whose mother abandoned it? Some people have asked whatever became of it, so I thought I’d post an update.

Some friends from church came to visit with their children a few days ago. The kids promptly fell in love with the little darling and begged to take it home. Since these folks have a farm, too, and were interested in getting more chickens, they took it home with them. I am happy to report that this chick seems to have been adopted by a fluffy yellow fanny of theirs who was childless. Everything has turned out well.



1. sheryl - May 22, 2006

That picture makes her look so alone. On just the right day it could make me cry. I’m glad she found a home.

2. Laura - May 22, 2006

I’m with you that it seems so sad! I’m glad she’s got a new mama. I asked the folks about her/him (not sure yet), and they said it was doing really well. They have far fewer chickens, so there isn’t nearly as much competition for food over there. If I tried to single out that baby to give some food to, inevitably others would notice and chase it away and when I tried to get it off by itself to feed it, that just scared it and it ran off missing ALL the food. This is the best solution.

My new mamas are all really good about mothering and protecting their young. I’ve been bitten by one several times trying to rescue her babies when they get stranded- she reaches THROUGH the fence to bite me. The only problem that I have now is that one mama will try to chase or bite the babies that don’t belong to her to hoard food for her own. No injuries or fatalities fortunately.

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