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In the doghouse & hot water, too. April 30, 2006

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Benjamin went outside to ride his bicycle for a while this morning, but before long the rain came to Blessed Acres and drove him indoors – though not exactly to our house but to Lucy’s and Daisy’s house. Lucy enjoyed the company, but Daisy was a little miffed over being displaced by someone less odiferous.

Today was Loyalty Day at Church. It’s something like a homecoming where people who used to attend Bethel are invited back for worship and, of course, to share a good ol’ fashioned luncheon consisting of iced tea, fried chicken, and the obligatory and omnipresent Baptist casseroles.

After the lunch, Laura and I had a home improvement project on our agenda. Our water heater began leaking a few weeks (okay, a few months) ago and we finally got around to doing something about it. We bought a new one yesterday at Lowe’s and today, since the rain kept us indoors, we installed it. Neither of us has installed one before. But like all good homesteaders, we asked ourselves “How hard can it really be?” So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Now, just a few short hours later, we have a new 80 gallon hot water heater (upgraded from a 50 gallon model – “ho ho ho” to quote Tim-the-tool-man Taylor). She’s a beaut, huh? Next time you come to visit, there’ll be plenty of hot water.



1. Anonymous - May 9, 2006

I am so impressed with the dog house!!! It’s more like a playhouse. And way to go on the water heater. I’m glad you could do that yourself without needing to pay some outrageous price for a couple hours of labor so that the president of the Lollipop Guild can buy more real estate. (That’s what I call our finance manager – because he’s little).

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