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The scouts visit ACFD April 29, 2006

Posted by Joe in Uncategorized.

Last monday, the Tiger Scouts visited the Ashland City Fire Department. We had a great time! While we were there, a call came in and two of the trucks had to leave to rescue someone from an overturned car.

We got to see their other trucks and even got to sit in the cab.

Benjamin got to try on a real Fireman’s protective suit. They said that to keep in shape they sometimes get fully dressed in their firefighting suits and play a game of basketball.



1. Anonymous - May 7, 2006

Sunday, May 7 th…
I just got caught up reading the blog.
I love it ALL!
Your veggies are impressive.
(And now we know who installs water heaters! Ha.)
Poor little chickie. Please give us a follow-up.
Benj. and Rachel are obviously in their element.
Chicken Mama’s Mama.

2. Anonymous - May 9, 2006

I’m glad Benjamin got to dress up in cool stuff. I bet that just made his year.
That’s enough fun…now back to the Millie cards. MMMMMMMM because of ice cream, and “AW” because of a baseball bat broken in half. Heh heh. Ask Laura.

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