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Hard-Working Visitors from Alabama (Saturday) April 23, 2006

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Saturday morning came with a better looking sky, but wet ground nonetheless. After another trip to Rural King for farm staples like extra chainsaw chains and tick repellent, we got back to that oak tree.

After lunch, I turned the giant compost pile while Becky mowed. The guys took a rest from hard labor to fish with the kids down at our ponds. J caught a nice-sized bass and helped Rachel land several bluegill and bream.

By late afternoon, J declared the garden was dry enough to work. We made the melon “hills,” planted cucumbers and squash, and put in a few rows of J’s favorite corn, a field-type called Moses Prolific. Then we retired to the porch again to watch and see if the deer discovered the “hot” fence. Wearily, we headed into the house for bed shortly aftern sundown.



1. The Farm Chronicles of Blessed Acres » “The Corn is as High as an Elephant’s Eye…” - July 14, 2006

[…] When J was up here with Becky back in April, he brought along some seed corn for his very favorite variety, Moses Prolific. We put in a few rows of that first thing. Moses Prolific is getting hard to find and “dent corn” as a whole is not generally used for on-the-cob eating anymore. […]

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