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Washington, DC – Day 2 April 8, 2006

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Thursday morning dawned brightly. Joe headed off to enlighten the IRS (lots of room for that!) and the kids and I loaded down the backpack with drinks and snacks, cameras and sweatshirts, maps and guidebooks, and walked to the Metro to take the subway to the Smithsonian/Mall area. I had a fear that only ONE of us would get onto the Metro before the doors closed, so there was a LOT of hand-holding!

We started at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. After seeing the elephant in the entry way, we checked out the mammals and dinosaurs and then we met up with a friend of mine, Kristin Passantino, from FRA (where I taught and few years ago). She brought her 14 month old daughter Mia and her brother who was visiting. We saw all kinds of interesting things- fossils, bones, mummified cats, the statue from Easter Island- you name it.

After we tired of the crowds in the museum, we headed out onto the Mall. The weather was beautiful and we were drawn toward the Washington Monument that Benjamin was just itching to go inside. The tickets to the top had long since been given away, so we kept going.

We headed towards the Lincoln Memorial by way of the fountain area near the Reflecting Pool. As we continued on, Rachel took note of every single ice cream vendor and all his offerings. We saw the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam Vets Memorial. We couldn’t think of anyone we knew who may be listed there, but we made a rubbing of Theodore W Webb just in case.

As the sun began to sink, we parted company with Ms. Kristin, Mr. Jim, and Mia. We met up with Daddy after he educated the IRS folks and headed to D.C.’s Chinatown. We had a delicious dinner at the Capitol City Brewery. The kids are in front of the China Friendship Archway.

We headed back to the hotel full and tired, but full of anticipation for the next day.



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