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Washington, DC – Day 1 April 7, 2006

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The homestead is our very favorite place in the world to be, but every once in a while, we pack up and explore new places. Joe was asked to teach a course for the IRS in Washington, D.C. Being homeschoolers, we could hardly pass up the opportunity to tag along and take in some history. So, Wednesday morning, we headed to the airport for what would be Rachel’s first plane ride and the first one Benjamin would remember.

We drove the “Mommy Truck” (we are a 2-pickup family, you know) to the remote parking site near the airport. The lot attendants then ferried us to the terminal in a limousine. The kids’ eyes were wide as saucers when it rolled up to get us. They even got to ride backward all the way there!

We watched planes taking off and landing and our excitement grew. It was finally our turn to go. We checked our last suitcases at the gate (I really would have to recommend this way to save on airfare- okay, just kidding).

Rachel really liked the “bouncy-bouncy” on the flight- it made Mommy a bit green, but we arrived it without incident. When we de-planed, we caught a bus to the train station. (We flew into Baltimore, so we needed to catch a train to D.C). From there, we took a subway to our hotel stop. The kids were absolutely beside themselves- a truck, a limo, a plane, a bus, a train, AND a subway all in one day!! If we could have found a boat, believe me, we would have taken it!

We pulled/carried/dragged our suitcases about 10 blocks (just a stone’s throw from the Metro, you know) to our hotel and settled in. We capped the day by letting the kids pick the sleeping arrangements, so Daddy bunked with Benjamin and Mommy with Rachel. A few kicks to the kidneys and elbows to the nose, and it was morning.

And the adventure begins…



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